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Back to the Garden!

In 2020, the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System was awarded a USDA grant to fund SUGA's School Garden Manager Program in four more schools, expanding the benefits of gardening to even more children! 

We must meet our commitment to match $9,000 to continue the program and ensure the grant requirements are fulfilled.

Help us meet our match!

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Interested in volunteering with SUGA or joining our board of directors? 

Click below and fill out our interest form.

Savannah Urban Garden Alliance exists to support
gardening and healthy food access in Savannah, GA
through community connection and education.
What Do We Do?

Savannah Urban Garden Alliance (SUGA) was founded to facilitate the growth and propagation of urban gardens in the Savannah area and to increase access to-and knowledge of-urban gardening practices. We'll happily close up shop and go home when our local citizens have ample access to fresh produce, healthy food, and a self-sustaining knowledge base that effectively eliminates food deserts. Meanwhile, SUGA continues to partner with schools, farmers, philanthropists, local businesses and volunteers to accomplish this mission.


Our primary focus is on school garden programming, but we also look to support community gardens by bridging gaps in the community.


YOU can jump in to help in a myriad of ways to make the community you live in stronger, healthier, and more vibrant!


Please read more by following the link.

We are always open to collaboration and ideas; like the gardens, we are aim to be in a constant state of growth- as citizens, and as an organization.


How You Can Help?

We see ourselves as a hub.

We aim to link up people who need help with the people who can give help, or to the resources that exist.

Looking to GET or GIVE?

Volunteer, ideas, donation, information... 

head to our community page for more.


In a Nutshell...

The Vision of Savannah Urban Garden Alliance is to provide access to local, healthy food, one garden at a time.

We are cultivating a gardening movement in Savannah’s communities through outreach and education.

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